Guide Us Home German Shepherd Rescue Society

Soda Pop today!

Guide Us Home helped financially support Soda Pop in 2014.  He was bolted to a dog house on what looked like a 6-8' chain, the area around her house was flooded so he couldn't leave his house during rainy weather, he had no food or water bowls and drank from the dirty water around the dog house. Soda Pop had barely any fur left on his body when he went into rescue.  He still has a few skin issues flare up at time but it's managed with medication.

Shelter picture and a freedom picture of Bruno May 2017.  

Benjamin is a dog I financially supported in 2014 and spent literally 100's of hours trying to get this boy and his sister into safety.  They were being used as 'fighting' dogs and Ben just wasn't cutting it.  He's super mellow as is his sister and we were so worried that when he didn't make it as a fighting dog they'd turn him into a bait dog.  Mouth and feet duct taped so they couldn't fight back while their  fighting dog 'practiced' on them.  Horrific and a disgusting behaviour by a so called civil human being.  Ben's freedom video either made you sob or throw up because of the broken dog you saw, afraid to walk in the presence of a human.  His foster mom, now his adoptive mom has turned him right around.  He's had a lot of medical issues but they too seemed to have slowed down now that he lives a normal life.

I was contacted to help with Bruno, a young GSD in a high kill shelter in California.  Bruno had a woman in BC that wanted to adopt him and nobody on his thread would help her because she wasn't a 501(c)3  (Non-profit, Tax deductible in the USA).  She somehow got hooked up with Tina Z from Connecticut. Tina and I have rescued GSD's together and have an amazing rescue relationship.  I was able to use my Gov't rescue designation to help get Bruno to the woman in BC.  Lots of free labour hours to help this handsome young lad.  He's going to a great home!

The following dogs have been financially supported by Guide Us Home German Shepherd Rescue to get them out of a high kill shelter and into a reputable rescue other than mine:

Celia, Helping Stray Dogs, Association of German Shepherd Rescuers, Toby, Chance, Ben, Soda Pop, Bruno, Pursues and several go-fund-me accounts of dogs in need.  This list is very shy of the actual number of dogs that were helped through Guide Us Home.    

For many years Guide Us Home has supported countless dogs in high kill shelters to get them into freedom.  That support came from financial donations, transport, networking and 1000's of labour hours.  It all came at a cost with no funding whatsoever.  Pledges and adoption fees went directly to the rescue that took the dog in, not for the support to help get the dog into freedom.  Their pictures or stories have never been profiled on this website because the dog never actually came into this rescue even though this rescue played a roll in getting the dog into freedom.  

You may notice gaps in-between the rescue dogs that physically got re-habbed here in Sooke.  Some took a long time to rehab and while working with the dog, other dogs were being supported by this rescue to get them into safety.   Saving German Shepherd Dogs in high kill shelters is an every day occurrence for this rescue. There is so much background work to be done, organizational work, financial support etc.  

As of May 20, 2017, this website will start to profile the dogs that were actively supported by this rescue.  Unfortunately the dogs prior to that date no longer have info/contact on them.