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Many people that are interested in helping rescue dogs that aren't directly involved in rescue in your own country or across borders don't know the full scope of what is involved.  I hear so many people say they can't help because they can't adopt a dog or foster a dog.  That's 98 or 99 on the list of 100 things of what it takes to rescue a dog.  

Donating money gives the rescue options of where to spend the money if the dog has medial issues.  

Donating food will help feed the dog while it's in care and in rehab and hopefully adopted to it's best home.

Donating toys will help stimulate stressed out shelter dogs re-learn how to live a normal life outside of shelter life.

Donating leashes and collars will help the rescue give the new dog a brand new set of jewelry that will stay with the dog.  It will become theirs and not be taken away like what their owners did to them when they were dumped or found as a stray. 

Donating blankets will help the new rescue stay warm and have a soft bed to sleep in.

Donating towels will help he new rescue be dried off from a bath or the rain.

Donating 50 cents or a dollar from 500 people is 250 or 500 dollars towards all of the above.

I am a single owner operator/rescue and  can't fund raise where I live so I sell flowers from my yard on the weekends to help support the dogs I pull and rehab.  Every 10.00 bouquet goes to the dogs medical and food bills. All other costs are paid for by me on a single income. Oh how I love my line of credit for the amazing dogs that I have pulled!!  My rescue dogs range between 1 - 6K on average to save and if there are pledges, that will help offset vetting and transport if the donators honour their pledges.  Some pledgers do and don't honour. 

So many folks think rescue is easy but it's not!  Every rescue I've been involved with in my rescue or someone else's takes 100's of hours of networking with people across Canada, the USA and Europe.  We're diligent, we don't sleep much and we're dedicated to help the dog not be euthanized for no good or valid reason.  Most of my rescues cost me between 1-5 thousand dollars out of my personal pocket on a single Admin wage to save the dog.

I have an amazon account to help my rescues. American folks,  it's a score because our Canadian dollar is almost 30 cents lower than your dollar!!  Funds would go toward a certified behaviourist training which I have used for other rescues of mine with great success.  I prefer a raw diet and that is what my rescues are on ... 1/2 and 1/2 and they thrive.