Guide Us Home German Shepherd Rescue Society

Sue - Board Director - Vice-President 

I met Sue when I was training my GSD in the dog sport of Schutzhund.  Sue is very knowledgeable in all facets with dogs.  She has many years of experience as a vet tech under her belt as well as obtaining Sch III on many of her German Shepherds.  She is a wealth of knowledge.

Kelli - Founder - Board Director - President

I had a German Shepherd as a young child and never forgot the experiences I had with him.  He was our protector, he was our everything.  

As an adult, I find myself with 3 German Shepherds that I share my home and half acre with.   My goal and passion is to help unwanted and abandoned GSD's. If that means helping one dog at a time, that's what I will do.

Guide Us Home German Shepherd Rescue Society is a Provincially Registered Non-Profit Society.  S-0062003
We have a Federal tax deductible status so any donations over $5.00 will be provided with a tax receipt if requested.
​837147776RR0001. ​I have the equivalent status as a 501(c)3 in the United States.

We are a small group of dedicated people that share a common goal to have abandoned, neglected or abused GSD's placed into foster to work on rehabilitation and manners until they are adopted to  their forever home.  
Collectively, we take steps to work with a dog that comes into our care.  We are not dog brokers that bring dogs in and flip them to make a profit.  Those are a 'for profit' business that we do not support.


​We're not new to rescue but we are new to organized  Non-Profit tax deductible rescue.  We're determined and eager and even though you may not have heard about us, we're out there paving our way to help this breed.  We also cross post American GSD's on our Facebook page because we have a lot of American followers. We see no reason to not cross post to help spread the word that a GSD is in need, regardless of geographical location. 

All dogs adopted will receive a complimentary 6 weeks of pet insurance with Petsecure. Petsecure is the official pet insurance provider of the Guide Us Home German Shepherd Rescue.

Jess - Board Member - Secretary Treasurer (Picture coming soon)

I met Jess through several dog training sessions and working dog seminars with her Malinois X, Violet (Vi).  She's highly dedicated and has a lovely positive style with her dog training techniques.  She is very perceptive of dog body language which is a huge asset when working with rescue dogs.